Civil Rights Lawyer Will County

Civil Rights Lawyer Will County

Civil Rights Lawyer Will County

Many U.S. citizens are familiar with at least some of the protections afforded by the U.S. constitution, but they might not realize all of the rights they have under the law. Many constitutional amendments have made the United States a more equitable and civilized nation, though people still have their constitutional rights violated on a regular basis. If you are seeking a civil rights lawyer in Will County, then contact the Pinkston Law Group, PC today. 

Types of Civil Rights Protections

Civil rights law protects citizens from various forms of mistreatment and discrimination by both public and private actors. Civil rights laws prevent certain misconduct by police officers and other officials, as well as discrimination by both the government or private parties, such as employers or landlords. 

Some of the most concerning civil rights violations happen at the hands of police officers, who are supposed to be protecting citizens – not harming them. Some common civil rights violations by law enforcement include:

  • Police brutalityOfficers are only allowed to use a certain degree of force when needed to protect themselves or the public, and they often overstep these bounds. If a police officer is unnecessarily violent and causes harm, they should be held accountable. 
  • Police shootings – As news headlines make clear, police brutality can escalate and become life-threatening or fatal when they discharge a firearm. Many people die in police shootings that were not warranted given the circumstances. 
  • Police misconductPolice can engage in many other types of misconduct that violate a person’s civil rights and cause physical, psychological, or financial harm.
  • Unlawful searches and seizures – The Fourth Amendment prevents police from conducting searches and taking possible evidence whenever they feel like it. When officers conduct searches or seizures without a warrant or another legal justification, they should be held liable. 
  • Unlawful arrests – Officers can violate your rights when they arrest you without a proper warrant or probable cause that you committed a crime. 
  • Wrongful convictionsSome people get convicted of crimes they did not commit due to errors in the criminal system that constitute civil rights violations. If a conviction is overturned, the defendant deserves compensation for their losses. 
  • Malicious prosecution – Sometimes, prosecutors pursue criminal charges when they know there is not a legal basis to do so. They might even conceal exculpatory evidence or engage in other forms of misconduct to obtain a conviction.

Speak with a Civil Rights Lawyer in Will County Today

You can contact the Pinkston Law Group, PC, today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the facts of your case with a civil rights lawyer in Will County. If you want to preserve your legal rights, then please visit our website and learn more about the legal services we provide and set up your first meeting. Your civil rights are important, and by taking legal action, you will be preserving the liberties that belong to all United States citizens by holding police officers and other parties accountable. 



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