Industrial Accident Lawyers Joliet

Industrial Accident Lawyers Joliet

Industrial Accident Lawyers Joliet

Industrial sites are prone to accidents due to the inherently dangerous circumstances in which employees work there. There are a plethora of potentially dangerous factors that could lead to an accident for an industrial employee on the job. These injuries can leave the victim financially drained from the medical costs and other costs associated with the injuries they sustained, such as lost wages during recovery or a potential inability to return to work. Furthermore, many accidents suffered in industrial site settings lead to injuries that have long-term effects, requiring ongoing medical treatment and physical therapy that can lead to expensive bills. 

This is why you need a dedicated industrial accidents lawyer in Joliet if you are injured in a workplace construction accident to help you receive the just compensation sufficient to compensate you for the injuries you have suffered from an accident.

Causes of Industrial Accidents

Common causes of industrial site accidents include accidents involving machinery and other equipment found on the job site. This could include injuries from forklifts and other machinery, or it could include injuries sustained from slipping and falling off an improperly maintained ladder. Injuries involving scaffolding are also a common cause of an accident in an industrial setting.  

Another common cause of accidents at industrial sites is from explosions or burns from flames and chemicals on the job site. There are often open flames and a significant amount of flammable and unstable chemicals in an industrial workplace. These leave a high potential for employees to suffer burns and injuries due to explosions or the igniting of these chemicals on the job.  

A third common cause of accidents in industrial sites is slip and fall accidents. These often occur when a workplace is not sufficiently made safe enough for workers, such as leaving the surface of the worksite wet and slippery. It also occurs when equipment like ladders is not properly maintained, and they malfunction, causing injuries.

Liability for Injuries

If you are the victim of a workplace accident on an industrial job site, you need the right attorney to make sure you receive all the appropriate compensation you deserve for your injury. The liability imposed on the responsible party will depend on the nature of the accident. Furthermore, whether or not you have a personal injury claim or a workers’ compensation claim depends on whether the party responsible for your accident was your employer or a third party.  

If your employer is responsible, you need an attorney that will ensure your workers’ compensation settlement is sufficient to actually cover your expenses and the costs of your injury. If a third party is responsible, you need a lawyer that has sufficient experience in personal injury cases to properly represent your claim and hold that third party liable. This can be a very complex matter that requires an experienced attorney or law firm with extensive resources to make a case of negligence against a third party for an industrial workplace accident. 

How an Industrial Accident Lawyer in Joliet Can Help

If you’ve suffered injuries as the victim of an accident on an industrial site as an employee in the Joliet region of Illinois, you need a dedicated lawyer to navigate the complexities of these cases to help you receive proper compensation. The Pinkston Law Group P.C. has a team of professional attorneys who are dedicated to helping victims like you receive full compensation for the injuries caused by an industrial site work accident.  

We have an experienced track record of success in helping our clients obtain what they’re entitled to insofar as compensation for construction site accidents and the injuries sustained therefrom. To get connected with one of our professional attorneys for a consultation on your case, contact us online today. 




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