Joliet Civil Rights Violations Attorney

Joliet Civil Rights Violations Attorney

Joliet Civil Rights Violations Attorney

We have civil rights for an important reason – to protect us from unlawful or unjustified acts of authorities. However, these authorities can overstep their bounds and violate civil rights, often causing serious injuries in the process. If you need assistance with a possible claim against the police or other authorities following wrongful conduct, contact a Joliet civil rights violations attorney at Pinkston Law Group, P.C., right away. 

Below are the types of civil rights cases we take on. 

Police brutality – We hear about many instances of police brutality in the news, but many additional incidents happen that are less dramatic than the headlines. Improper and unnecessary use of pepper spray or tear gas against protesters is a common form of police brutality. Any type of force that is excessive under the circumstances can lead to injuries and a legal case. 

Police misconduct – There are many ways that police officers can act wrongfully and violate your rights. These include excessive force and brutality, wrongful processes and procedures, unlawful searches or seizures, or anything else that constitutes a civil rights violation or violation of due process. 

Police shootings – Police shootings have been a major topic in the United States in the past decade, and the situation does not seem to be improving. Police officers may only use deadly force with a firearm when they legitimately fear imminent serious bodily harm, but many officers reach for their guns outside of these circumstances. Anyone unnecessarily shot by police should seek legal help. 

Unlawful arrests – The law requires police to have a warrant or probable cause for an arrest, but this does not always happen. If officers arrested you without valid justification, you should learn about your options for seeking legal relief. 

Unlawful searches and seizures – Similarly to an arrest, police need justification to search you, your home or vehicle, or your belongings, as well as to seize evidence or detain you. Unlawful searches and seizures violate your 4th Amendment rights.

Malicious prosecution – Not all civil rights violations happen at the hands of the police, as prosecutors can also engage in violative misconduct. Prosecutors can file criminal charges out of malice, knowing there is not proper probable cause to support the charge. If your criminal case was resolved in your favor and there was no evidence to support the charge, you should discuss a possible malicious prosecution claim. 

Wrongful conviction – The justice system does not always prevent wrongful convictions, and too many people spend time in jail or facing other penalties when they are innocent. If you were wrongfully convicted of a crime, discuss the situation with a civil rights lawyer immediately. 

Contact a Joliet Civil Rights Violations Attorney for More Information

At Pinkston Law Group P.C., we are passionate about protecting the civil rights of individuals in and around the Joliet area. If you believe that your rights were violated by police officers or prosecutors, do not delay in taking legal action. Contact us online for a case evaluation. 



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