Joliet Divorce Attorney

Joliet Divorce Attorney

Joliet Divorce Attorney

No matter how long you have been married, if you have children or how valuable your assets are, divorce is a challenging time of life. Many issues need to be decided, and there might be a lot of uncertainty going forward. You might have financial concerns or be worried about your children. While we can’t assure you of everything, we can assure you that we will do all that we can to make this process a smooth one and to advocate for your rights. We will be there to answer your questions and present you with your options. When you need a Joliet divorce attorney, look no further than Pinkston Law Group, PC.

What are the Requirements for Divorce in Illinois?

In order to file for divorce in Illinois, one spouse must be a resident in the state for a minimum of 90 days. If you or your spouse wants to file a no-fault divorce based on irreconcilable differences, there is a single requirement. According to Illinois law, you and your spouse must live separate and apart for a continuous period of at least six months right before the entry of judgment for dissolution of the marriage. While Illinois no longer has fault-based grounds for divorce, fault might be considered in property division and other determinations in your case. You are required to have determinations on the following before your divorce can be final:

How Long Will the Divorce Process Last?

The divorce process will vary in length, depending upon several factors. When soon to be ex-spouses can work out their differences and file an uncontested divorce, the process usually goes quicker. If they cannot agree, the process will take longer as they will need to wait for the court to help determine the outcome of issues in their case. Couples with children can have more prolonged divorces as issues such as child support, and parental visitation will need to be worked out. High-asset divorces typically take longer as well. When you meet with an experienced Joliet divorce lawyer, they can give you an estimate of how long your divorce might take. 

Does Each Spouse Need Their Own Joliet Divorce Attorney?

Yes, each spouse must have their own divorce attorney or choose to represent themselves. It is unethical for any attorney to represent two clients with competing interests. If an attorney did agree to represent you both, you could risk that your rights and interests could be ignored in favor of your spouses. It is best for everyone, including the attorney, for spouses to have their own individual legal counsel. 

Seek Help from a Seasoned Joliet Divorce Lawyer Today

If you need skilled divorce representation, we are here for you. The challenges of life-changing events and questions about your future are understandable concerns. We approach each case with professionalism and the confidentiality of our clients in mind. Speak with an experienced Joliet divorce lawyer by scheduling your confidential divorce consultation. Contact us today to begin your legal representation.



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