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Police Brutality


Police brutality is an illegal practice that has gone on for far too long. For years, it has been swept under the rug or quietly addressed through confidential civil settlements. The people of Illinois have had enough. They are demanding widespread change throughout the criminal justice system. Change will only occur through accountability, which means that every victim of police brutality deserves the help of an experienced civil rights law firm

Filing a lawsuit not only vindicates your personal legal rights, but it also holds the officer and the agency accountable for what happened. This accountability makes it less likely that the same conduct will occur in the future. There is much work to be done, but it starts by fighting each case of police brutality, one at a time. 

Examples of Police Brutality

When you think of police brutality, you are probably imagining violent beatings. Kicking, hitting, choking, and other physical violence are common in police brutality cases, but they are not the only way to prove a case. Excessive use of force has become a major issue in American policing – especially against peaceful protesters. In these cases, the excessive use of force in crowd control measures can also become police brutality. Some examples: 

  • The uncontrolled use of pepper spray or tear gas
  • Using high force bean bag guns (these can leave nasty marks)
  • Using water cannons without aim or caution
  • Physical violence with nightsticks, riot shields, or other tactical equipment
  • Using police vehicles to move protesters

Getting Evidence of Police Brutality

The cell phone has become the most important tool we have in fighting back against all forms of police misconduct. Now that almost everyone carries a video camera in their pocket at all times, we are able to document police misconduct better than ever before. Of course, you cannot be expected to get to your phone in the midst of a physical attack by law enforcement officers. But more and more incidents of police brutality are being recorded by onlookers. Our civil rights team knows how to find these videos and get them admitted into evidence. 

The physical evidence of your injuries will also be critical evidence of police brutality. This is why it is so important to see a doctor as soon as possible after any physical interaction with the police. Even if you do not feel injured, you could have serious internal injuries that need to be treated right away. You will also need your doctor’s notes, observations, and images as evidence of your injuries. 

Be sure to see a qualified medical professional who is not associated with any law enforcement agency as soon as you possibly can. The sooner you get documentation of your injuries, the better evidence you will have to prove that you were, in fact, the victim of police brutality. 

An Experienced Civil Rights Attorney For Joliet Police Brutality Cases

The American people are demanding change in the criminal justice system. Now more than ever, it is important to hold individual officers and law enforcement agencies for incidents of police brutality. Pinkston Law Group is here to fight for your civil rights. For years, Joliet residents have trusted our legal team to defend their legal rights in both criminal and civil rights cases. Call (773) 770-4771 or visit our website today to schedule your consultation. 



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