Realizing that your marriage has reached its end can be a harsh reality. It can also be a time of confusion and anxiety. A compassionate Joliet divorce attorney can’t change the path that your marriage is on, but they can help you work out the details and get through this process as unscathed as possible. When you hire an attorney to represent you, many of your burdens are alleviated, and you have the assurance that a knowledgeable legal advocate is on your side.


Requirements for Divorce in Illinois

There are a few requirements that need to be met in order to file for divorce in the state of Illinois. While you do not need to file for divorce in the state in which you were married. However, the primary requirement is that one spouse must have lived in Illinois for a minimum of 90 days before filing.

Another requirement is that you must prove that there are irreconcilable differences between you and your spouse. If you have been living apart for at least six months, that requirement is met. Otherwise, you will need to prove that you are not able to get along anymore. Your Joliet divorce lawyer can help you determine how to do this and if you have met all the requirements to file, if you will be the spouse filing.

Types of Divorce

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can file a contested or uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, you are able to reach an agreement on the crucial issues, either on your own or with the help of mediators and your Joliet divorce attorneys. The judge reviews the agreements you have made, and if they agree, those agreements are in your final decree.

If you and your spouse cannot agree on how to settle one or more of the issues, you will file a contested divorce. The judge will determine the outcome of these issues for you and put them in your divorce decree. For most couples, an uncontested divorce is a better answer. Couples who file an uncontested divorce have more control over the outcomes that will substantially impact their lives moving forward.

The Divorce Decree

Whether your divorce is quick and straightforward because you have little assets or no children, or it is complicated and drawn out, when it is over, the judge will issue a decree that finalizes your divorce. This decree will include orders regarding:

  • The division of property such as belongings, real estate, investments, and debts
  • Custody of any family pets taking into account what is in their best interest
  • Spousal maintenance or alimony
  • Parental responsibility, including child custody and child support

Rely on a Seasoned Joliet Divorce Attorney

At Pinkston Law Group, P.C., we understand how overwhelming the divorce process can be. We can help with the big and small things, including preparing and filing your paperwork, negotiations, determining your wants and needs, and even modifying orders in the future. We are passionate about getting you the results you deserve. Book your divorce consultation with a seasoned Joliet divorce lawyer by contacting us today.



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