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Parental Responsibilities


In 2016, the state of Illinois stopped using the terms “child custody” and “child visitation.” They were replaced with terms like “parenting time” and “parental responsibility.” This action was taken to help alleviate some of the battles that ensue with the previous terms. No matter which terms you use, parental rights and responsibilities are essential issues when it comes to two parents living apart. An experienced Chicago child custody attorney can support your legal rights and ensure that the bests interests of your children are met.


What is Parental Responsibility?

Parental responsibility includes many important duties of a parent. Providing for all of the child’s needs, also known as caretaking functions, is one important duty. Another is significant decision-making responsibilities. This also includes decisions regarding education, health, religion, and extracurricular activities. When parental responsibility is awarded to both parents, they have what is commonly known as “joint legal custody.” Your Joliet child custody lawyer can help you understand parental responsibility laws and pursue the arrangement you believe is in your child’s best interests.

Which Parent Will Have Parental Responsibility?

The antiquated idea that mothers should have primary parental responsibility or custody of the children is no longer the standard. Child custody laws are gender-neutral. Instead, they focus on what is in the best interest of the child. Ultimately, the judge will take necessary measures to determine what best supports the child and make or approve orders accordingly.

What Happens Next

The judge will examine many factors before approving or completing orders, such as which parent will be the better choice for:

  • Satisfying the child’s nutritional needs
  • Managing the child’s bedtime and wake-up routines
  • Caring for a child when they are sick or injured
  • Being attentive to a child’s hygiene needs, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Playing with the child and ensuring they attend scheduled extracurricular activities
  • Protecting the child’s physical safety and well-being
  • Providing transportation for a child
  • Directing the child’s various developmental needs, including the achievement of motor and language skills, toilet training, self-confidence, and maturation
  • Providing discipline and instruction in manners, assigning and supervising chores, and performing other tasks that attend to a child’s needs for behavioral control and self-discipline
  • Ensuring the child goes to school, including remedial and specialized services necessary for the child’s needs and interests, collaborating with teachers and counselors, and overseeing homework
  • Helping the child cultivate and preserve appropriate interpersonal relationships with peers, siblings, and other family members
  • Ensuring the child goes to medical appointments and is available for medical follow-up and meeting the child’s medical needs in the home
  • Providing moral and ethical direction for the child
  • Arranging care for a child when necessary by a family member, babysitter, or other childcare provider or facility, communicating with providers, and supervising such care

A Compassionate Joliet Child Custody Attorney Can Advocate for You and Your Children

If you need an attorney who understands and respects your desires for parental responsibility, look no further than the Pinkston Law Group, P.C. We have extensive experience advocating for parents just like you who are fighting for their child’s best interests. To book your child custody consultation with a compassionate Joliet child custody lawyer, contact us today.



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