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Liability & Defective Product Injuries


Every day, we use products designed and manufactured by companies without thinking twice. From the coffee maker you switch on every morning to the vehicle you drive to and from work, we rightfully expect that the products we purchase and use are safe to use as intended. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are injured by defective products every year, sometimes with disastrous results. At the Pinkston Law Group, we are committed to helping victims of defective products recover compensation for their injuries. Call us today to schedule a free case evaluation.


Product Liability Attorneys in Joliet Helping Victims Recover Compensation

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), five to ten percent of personal injury liability lawsuits are for injuries caused by defective products and their inherent hazards. These kinds of cases almost always arise because a person was injured or killed while using a product as it was intended to be used. If you or someone you love sustained injuries by using a defective product, an experienced Joliet personal injury lawyer can help.

Categories of Product Defects

When a defective product causes an injury, the manufacturer can be found liable for injuries linked to one or more of these product defect categories:

Design Defects: In some cases, a product is designed in a way that makes it inherently dangerous.  of the time, the flaws are built into the product when it is made, but flaws can also happen if there are design modifications.

Manufacturing Defects: Even if the product’s design was not faulty, a manufacturing defect could make it dangerous. A product may be well-designed, but a problem in the manufacturing process could make particular instances or batches dangerous.

Marketing Defects: Also referred to as failure to warn, marketing defects occur when the manufacturer fails to warn consumers about some non-obvious danger that could be easily mitigated with a simple warning.

Who Is Liable for Your Defective Product Injury?

Liability for the injuries caused by a defective product will be determined by the type of defect or defects present. More than one party may be liable, and the court can order them each to pay an amount towards your entitled compensation. Your Joliet personal injury attorney will carefully assess all of your case’s facts to determine who can be held liable to maximize your compensation.

Your Joliet personal injury attorney can pursue compensation on your behalf from any party that was involved with bringing the product onto the market. Involved parties may include:

  • The company that manufactured the parts for the defective product
  • The entity who installed or assembled the product
  • The retailer that sold the product to you

However, these parties may avoid liability if they can prove any of the following:

  • The design, manufacture, and marketing of the product that injured you were correctly executed.
  • Your own misuse or abuse of the product caused your injuries.
  • You were aware of the defect and its danger and still chose to use the product.
  • You ignored the warning label or instructions.

Fortunately, an experienced Joliet personal injury lawyer can maximize the chances that you will obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

Get Legal Help after You Have Been Injured By A Defective Product

If you are injured in a car accident as a pedestrian, seek medical attention from healthcare providers as soon as you can. After that, you need to seek legal help from experienced legal professionals so that you can receive compensation for your damages and losses. A Joliet personal injury lawyer from Pinkston Law Group will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule a case evaluation and take the first steps toward financial recovery.



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