Preparing for your Deposition in a Premises Liability Case

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Preparing for your Deposition in a Premises Liability Case
July 07, 2020
Pinkston Law Group PC
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In a premises liability case, the plaintiff claims injury from a dangerous condition on the defendant’s property that the defendant was responsible for keeping safe. The extent of the defendant’s liability will vary depending on the law of the particular jurisdiction where the plaintiff’s injury took place.

Whatever the theory of liability, the plaintiff will be foreclosed from recovering money damage in a premises liability case unless she proves the following four elements: (1) that the defendant owned/occupied/leased the property, (2) that the defendant was negligent in keeping the property safe for others, (3) that the plaintiff suffered bodily injuries, and (4) that it was the defendant’s negligence that specifically caused such bodily injuries to occur. 

The deposition of the plaintiff will play a key role in determining whether these four elements have been proven. To help our clients prepare for and understand the importance of these depositions, Pinkston Law Group, P.C., has prepared this free guide. If you are struggling to recover from a serious injury and considering a lawsuit, contact our office to discuss your case.

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