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In Illinois, you have every right to make decisions about what kind of health care you receive both now and in the future. An advance directive is a written statement you prepare that indicates how you want medical decisions to be made in the future should you become unable to make them yourself. Your decisions must be formally written, signed, and witnessed to be legally recognized and you have the right to cancel or change your Living will at any time. At Pinkston Law Group we will take the time to discuss various scenarios and help you create a living Will.


What is a Living Will?

A living will tells your health care professionals whether you want death-delaying procedures used if you have a terminal condition and are unable to state your wishes. A terminal condition means an incurable and irreversible condition such that death is imminent and the application of any death delaying procedures serves only to prolong the dying process. A living will only applies if you have a terminal condition, unlike a health care power of attorney.

A Living will contains specific directions about the death-delaying procedures you do or do not want. Two people must witness you signing the living will, but you should be aware that your health care professionals cannot be one of those witnesses. It is your responsibility to inform your health care professionals if you have a living will so, they can become aware of how to proceed if you ever acquire a terminal illness. A living will can be canceled at any time either by telling someone or by canceling it in writing.

Last Will And Testament Vs. A Living Will

A last will and testament and a living will are not the same. As mentioned above, a living will guides decisions while you are still alive regarding whether you want death-delaying procedures used if you have a terminal condition and are unable to state your wishes during that time.  A living will outlines requests such as whether or not you choose life support, your decision about resuscitation, and authorized medical care. On the other hand a last will and testament provided instructions for how your estate will be handled after your death. Again, living wills outline your desires in the event of a major injury, terminal illness or other incapacitating condition.

While a Living will can carry out your medical desires in terminal situations, it should be used in conjunction with a power of attorney for health care. At Pinkston Law Group, we can best advise you on how to structure the legal paperwork to ensure that your rights are protected.

Why You May Need A Lawyer for Your Living Will?

Sometimes choosing the right provisions for your living will or other estate planning documents can be confusing, and you may need a living will attorney to assist you. Pinkston Law Group can help you create an effective combination of estate planning instruments including living will, last will and testament, trusts, and powers of attorney for your estate.

Why You Should Choose Pinkston Law Group, P.C. As Your Illinois Living Will Attorney?

 Pinkston Law Group believes in, “Meeting your legal needs with professional and integrity.” Not only do we know how to work efficiently, but we strive to ensure that every client has relevant information about the issues involved in their legal matter or case, they understand basic information about Illinois living will laws, and are given relevant resources to equip and let them know what to expect during the process.

Talk To A Will, Cook, DuPage, And Kane County Living Will Lawyer Today

Pinkston Law Group knows that it is important to make sure our clients’ last wishes are carried out, which is why we determine what is most important to our clients, understand what they want, and need. We then strategize and prepare a plan. Pinkston Law Group handles a wide variety of clients who have prepared wills or other estate planning instruments. We know Illinois Living will laws and what is required to ensure that not only can you live, but you can rest in peace. If you need legal assistance, call our office today or schedule a consultation online.



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