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Construction Accidents


While there are plenty of dangerous jobs out there, construction work is consistently one of the most dangerous. When construction accidents happen, they tend to be quite serious. If you’ve suffered an injury on the job as a construction worker, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney on your side. 


OSHA Shares the Most Common Risks

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency that partners with states to help protect the health and safety of millions of employees across the nation. OSHA shares the top 10 standards for which violations were most frequently cited as causes of accidents in 2020, and while they all apply to construction work, several relate directly to construction accidents, including:

  • Fall Protection – Inadequate protection from falls is the top OSHA violation, and it is directly attributed to construction work. Falls greatly increase the impact of any ensuing accident, and because so much of construction work is conducted from heights, life-threatening falls are not uncommon. Without the appropriate fall protection, falls are that much more dangerous. Fall protection training is also a top 10 safety-standard violation, which exacerbates the danger.
  • Hazard Communication – When employers fail to adequately communicate the risk inherent to specific tasks, they leave the employees who engage in these tasks far more vulnerable to serious injuries. 
  • Respiratory Protection – Construction work involves a significant number of airborne irritants and toxins that can lead to life-threatening illnesses, and without the appropriate safety gear, the threat is even more serious. 
  • Scaffolding – Inadequate scaffolding is another common OSHA violation that is directly attributable to construction work. Working from heights is dangerous work, but scaffolding is designed to make it less so. When the scaffolding itself is damaged, inadequate, or otherwise unsafe, it puts construction workers’ lives on the line.
  • Ladders – Ladders are another danger that relates directly to construction work. Construction accidents are dangerous, but when they involve a ladder, the danger increases considerably. 
  • Control of Hazardous Energy – Construction work involves multiple power sources and the need for ample energy. When these sources of energy aren’t well controlled and monitored, disaster can strike. 
  • Powered Industrial Trucks – Massive industrial trucks can cause massive damage, and when all necessary safety standards are not maintained, the risk of an accident rises precipitously. 
  • Eye and Face Protection – Construction workers are especially vulnerable to injuries to their eyes and faces. Eye and face protection can help immensely, but when standards slip, eye and face injuries become far more likely. 
  • Machine Guarding – Construction work involves heavy machinery, and heavy machinery is made all the more dangerous when it lacks the necessary guarding devices, which leaves construction workers extremely vulnerable. 

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