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Workers’ Compensation
Contested Hearings


Being injured on the job is a difficult experience at best. You’re injured, facing a lapse in earnings, and waiting for workers’ compensation to kick in – it’s a lot. You naturally count on workers’ compensation insurance to cover your damages in good faith – allowing you to regain your health and well-being and return to work – some cases are contested, which makes having an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney on your side critical.


Workers’ Compensation Settlements

The majority of workers’ compensation claims are settled without the need for a hearing. Some, however, are not. If your claim is denied outright or the workers’ compensation insurance provider is not interested in negotiating in good faith, a contested hearing may be your best course of action. 

Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Case 

Your workers’ compensation case will hinge on evidence that includes your medical records. While no two workers’ compensation cases are ever exactly alike, there are some universal actions everyone who has been injured on the job should take – in an effort to protect both their health and their workers’ compensation case, including:

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention – Even a seemingly minor injury can evolve into something far more serious, and because early diagnosis greatly improves your prognosis, seeking immediate medical attention is always in your best interest. Additionally, when you obtain the medical care you need immediately upon being injured, it helps cement the connection between your job and the injury. 
  • Let Your Supervisor Know – Letting your supervisor or employer know about your work-related injury is critical to your case. Not only are there legal deadlines to keep in mind, but this is another important linking mechanism that helps establish that your injuries are job-related. 
  • Follow Your Doctor’s Orders – Following your doctor’s orders is the best way to support your most complete recovery, but it is also an important means for letting the workers’ compensation insurance provider know exactly how serious your injuries are. 
  • Consult with an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Workers’ compensation claims are notoriously complicated, but if yours evolves into a contested case that goes before a judge, it is considerably more complicated, and you need a skilled workers’ compensation attorney in your corner.  

Fighting for Full Benefits

A common reason for contested workers’ compensation hearings is settlement offers that fail to address the injured employees’ covered losses in their entirety. Such losses generally include medical expenses that begin with emergency treatment and extend through hospitalization, rehabilitation, and beyond. There is also the matter of lost earnings to consider, and if your earning potential is affected, it is an even more serious matter. 

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