Loss of Vision



Being injured at work is a hardship, but if you lose your vision in the process, your life and your world are irrevocably altered in the time it takes for the injury-causing accident to happen – or over the course of time that led to your vision loss. If an accident on the job leaves you with a loss of vision, you need the experienced legal guidance of a dedicated Illinois workers’ compensation attorney in your corner. 

Your Vision

Our vision is a nuanced mechanism that literally guides how we see the world. Further, our vision is often integral to the work we do. Although our eyes play a critical role in our lives, they are also very vulnerable to injury, including injuries on the job, which can lead to any of the following difficult symptoms:

    • Double vision
    • Blurred vision
    • Decreased visual clarity
    • Blindness

The kinds of injuries that are most closely associated with vision loss include:

    • A detached retina
    • A lacerated cornea
    • Eye injuries caused by blunt trauma to the head
    • A foreign object, metal object, or toxin in the eye
    • Loss of an eye
    • Exposure to harsh chemicals

Loss of vision can be one of the most difficult injuries to endure and overcome, which makes obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled paramount. 

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation is intended to help both injured employees and their employers. You’ve been injured on the job and have suffered a loss of vision as a result, and your workers’ compensation claim will address the attendant damages you have endured – without you having to file a lawsuit against your employer. 

Conversely, your employer can continue running the business that employs you – without fear that a lawsuit will bring the entire enterprise to a grinding halt and while workers’ compensation insurance takes care of any injury claims. The intent is to strike a balance between employers and employees, but it doesn’t always work this way. 

Your Damages

The damages you suffer as a result of loss of vision are likely to be immense. In addition to the obvious medical expenses you face, there is also your loss of earnings to consider. If your vision is affected, there is every reason to believe that your ability to perform your job could also be affected, which can translate to a significant loss in earning potential into your future. 

Workers’ compensation insurance providers are in the business of turning healthy profits, and they like to cut corners wherever they can, which can translate to a settlement that is simply not capable of keeping up with your losses. A dedicated workers’ compensation attorney with considerable experience defending cases involving complicated loss of vision claims like yours can help.   

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