Workplace Fatalities

Workers’ Compensation
Workplace Fatalities


Workplace injuries are hard on the entire family. If your loved one, however, succumbs to the injuries he or she sustained in an accident on the job, it is a tragic situation that will continue to resonate in your lives. While nothing can bring your loved one back, obtaining just compensation via workers’ compensation can help you on the path forward. Obtaining the death benefits to which your family is entitled can be a very complicated journey – just when you are at your most vulnerable – but an experienced Illinois workers’ compensation attorney can help. 



In Illinois, the following family members are eligible for death benefits through workers’ compensation:

  • The decedent’s spouse
  • The decedent’s children
  • Any named dependents of the decedent

The Death Benefits

Workers’ compensation death benefits cover the survivor’s financial damages (as they relate to lost support), including:

  • Two-thirds of your lost loved one’s average weekly wages that he or she had been earning prior to the fatal accident – up to a specific cap that is set by the state, and that is updated every six months. These benefits will continue for 25 years or until they reach $500,000 – whichever provides you with more total benefits. 
  • The reasonable costs of your lost loved one’s funeral and burial. 

There are also extenuating circumstances that can affect death benefits, such as if a decedent’s spouse remarries, benefits may end. 

Workplace Risks

While fatal accidents can happen on nearly any job, they are most common to the following types of industries:

Workplace Accidents

The kinds of workplace accidents that are most often fatal include all of the following:

  • Falls – Falls are one of the most common workplace accidents, and they can also be the deadliest (especially when they happen from heights). When construction workers, for example, fall from ladders, scaffolding, cranes, or other equipment, the results can be tragic. 
  • Struck by Accidents – Being struck by falling debris, by a swinging extension of a heavy piece of equipment, or by a vehicle on the worksite can all prove deadly. 
  • Electrical Accidents – Construction work, industrial work, factory work, and manufacturing all involve heavy machinery, multiple electrical sources, and complex wiring – and when electrocutions happen, they put employees at exceptional risk.  
  • Caught-in-Between Accidents – When a worker is caught in between two unyielding forces, it can prove deadly. These forces can include heavy machinery, heavy equipment, walls, erected structures, and much more. 

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