Workplace Hazard Injuries

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Workplace Hazard Injuries


Occasional injuries on the job are inevitable, but sometimes injuries are caused by workplace hazards that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Employers are responsible for protecting their employees from unnecessary risks, and when they fail to do so, it can lead to life-threatening accidents and serious injuries that haunt victims into their futures. If a workplace hazard leaves you injured, reach out to an experienced Joliet workers’ compensation attorney today. 

Workplace Safety Violations Are Too Common

When employers put profits before safety, they run the risk that serious workplace injuries will continue to happen. Consider the following shortcuts employers are prone to taking that contribute to unnecessary hazards on the job:

  • Hiring inexperienced workers and failing to provide them with adequate training
  • Failing to focus on safety training
  • Failing to keep their machinery and equipment safely maintained
  • Pushing employees to work beyond the limits of safety

While all of these can help save employers money, they can also contribute to or directly cause life-threatening accidents on the job. 

Most Common Safety Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shares the most common dangerous safety violations on the job, including:

  • Lack of Adequate Fall Protection – Falls are a top cause of fatal construction accidents, and inadequate fall protection devices significantly increase the risk. Lack of comprehensive fall prevention training also contributes to dangerous falls on the job.  
  • Dangerous Ladders – Ladders see a lot of action on worksites, and when they are poorly maintained or are past their prime, the danger inherent to working on ladders increases. 
  • Lack of Adequate Hazard Communication – Failing to warn employees appropriately regarding hazardous chemicals and other dangerous substances can lead to serious accidents that – with more careful communication – could have been prevented.  
  • Inadequate Scaffolding – When scaffolding is poorly maintained, defective to begin with, or otherwise inadequate, it increases the risk of working from heights. Further, objects and debris falling off of scaffolding is another serious risk for workers down below. 
  • Inadequate Control of Hazardous Energy – When dangerous energy sources are not safely monitored and controlled, workers can pay the ultimate price.  
  • Lack of Adequate Respiratory Protection – Workers need adequate respiratory protection to help protect them from a variety of serious respiratory illnesses associated with construction, industry, and factory work. 
  • Lack of Adequate Face and Eye Protection – Workers in the construction, manufacturing, and industrial fields are especially vulnerable to injuries to their eyes and faces, and when they lack the necessary protective equipment, they are more so. 

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